We specialize in detonators and have a wide range of products which can be custom made to suit the requirements of the customer.

AP Special Ordinary detonators (APSOD)

APSODs are used in conjunction with safety fuses. The spit of fire from the safety fuse initiates the ASA charge which then detonates the PETN charge. This in turn will initiate the ANFO or cartridge explosives.

AP Instantaneous Electric detonators (APED)

AP Instantaneous electric detonators comprise aluminium shells which are crimped with an electric fuse head soldered to a pair of GI wire having required PVC plug with APED embossed on the plug for identification of the manufacturer. Each fuse head is checked for electrical characteristic like resistance that provides high reliable initiation of the explosives.

AP Delay Electric Detonators

1. Short Delay Detonators (APSDD)
2. Long Delay Detonators (APLDD)

AP Instantaneous Copper Electric Detonators (APCED)

Copper electric detonators comprise copper shells filled with PETN and ASA as base and primary charge respectively. These shells are crimped with a pair of PVC coated wires soldered to fuse heads. The two lead wires are passed through PVC plugs of required length and diameter to protect from moisture and water. The other end of the wire is shorted to the detonator to protect against any stray/static current.

AP Permitted Delay Detonators (APPDD)

APPDD are available in 0-6 numbers with delay interval of 25milliseconds. The shells are made of copper material. The delay element is inserted above the primary charge and consolidated. The delay timing is achieved by the lead element on the primary charge. The two lead wires are passed through the pre plug soldered with the fuse head and crimped.

APEXCEL Delay Detonators (None Dets)

AP Explosives manufactures APEXCEL detonators in three variants:
1. APEXCEL DTH or Down The Hole Detonators
2. APEXCEL TLD or Trunk Line Delay detonators
3. APEXCEL Twin detonators

AP Cord Relay

AP Explosives manufactures cord relays. Cord relays provide accurate delay between blast holes in a row or cross in a multiple row blast. Cord relays are of 2ms delay detonators of the same delay timing placed in opposite direction specifically designed plastic component.