APEXCEL Delay Detonators (Nonel Dets)


AP Explosives manufactures shock-tube based non-electric delay detonators under the brand name APEXCEL.

APEXCEL consists of co-polymer hollow tube cut to the desired length as per the customer needs. It varies from 2.0 metres length to 50.0 metres length. In its annular space, it has small quantities of reactive material. This tube is known as shock tube or nonel tube which is an important component of this system.

When the shock tube is fired by the detonator or by the detonating cord, order wave with high velocity passes through the tube and initiates the delay detonator. The shock wave travels through the reactive material which is confined to the inner walls of the tube. The tube however remains unaffected.

The salient features of APEXCEL detonators are:
1. The shock tube is purchased and is water resistant
2. The core load is highly reliable
3. It is simple and safe to handle

APEXCEL detonators are developed for the following purposes:
1. Providing true bottom initiations in a blast
2. Reducing ground vibrations
3. Sequential firing
4. Providing good fragmentation
5. Less fly rock
6. Less air blast

AP Explosives manufactures APEXCEL detonators in three variants:
1. APEXCEL DTH or Down The Hole Detonators
2. APEXCEL TLD or Trunk Line Delay detonators
3. APEXCEL Twin detonators