AP Instantaneous Copper Electric Detonators (APCED)


Copper electric detonators comprise copper shells filled with PETN and ASA as base and primary charge respectively. These shells are crimped with a pair of PVC coated wires soldered to fuse heads. The two lead wires are passed through PVC plugs of required length and diameter to protect from moisture and water. The other end of the wire is shorted to the detonator to protect against any stray/static current.



CEDs are used for initiation of explosive charges with controlled blasting which are used in underground gassy coal mines. CEDs are arranged in series. The firing is carried out by using an exploder which gives the required energy in the form of an electric impulse.


Product Specification





Shell Material


Shell Length


Base Charge


Primary Charge


Lead wire colour


Lead wire material

Tinner steel

Bare Wire

0.46+/- 0.02 mm)

Lead wire resistance

0.7 ohms/meter

Standard lengths

1.8, 2.0, 2.2, 2.5 or as per requirement

Fuse head characteristics:
Fuse head resistance

1.6 to 2.4 ohms

Firing impulse

3.2 mws/ohm

Series firing

1.2 amps DC

No fire current

0.18 amps applied for 300 seconds

Packing material

Corrugated box

Quantity per packet

50 nos.

Quantity per box

as per length of wire



25 detonators are crimped and formed into a bundle. Two such bundles are wrapped in craft paper to make a packet of 50 nos. As per the length of the wire, the packets are kept in a corrugated box.