A.P.Explosives Pvt Ltd manufactures all types of detonators Electrical and non Electrical Detonators


A.P. Explosives is now a well recognized company. We have been making excellent progress in terms of quality and performance.


To ensure highest quality and safety of the detonators, state-of-the-art technology is used to at every stage of production. The following testing facilities are available in house and are carried out in three stages:

  • Incoming testing of all raw materials prior to the manufacturing process
  • In-process tests that are carried out during the manufacture process
  • Final testing on finished products i.e. detonators

Further, we conduct a series of tests on semi-finished and finished products to ascertain their quality.


S.No. Name of the test To test
1. Impulse test limits of energy for reliable initiation and non initiation of electric detonators
2. Single firing current test minimum firing current for a single electric detonator
3. Series firing test initiation of detonators in series firing in the field or blasting machine
4. No fire current test ‘no-fire’ current capacity of electric detonators during instances of stray current or current leakages
5. Snatch test Crimping and soldering strength
6. Underwater test proper initiation of detonators under water or hydrostatic pressure
7. Shake test safety of detonators during transportation of explosives
8. Drop test proper consolidation of explosives in the detonator shell to impact
9. Lead plate test strength of detonators
10. Delay Time test Delay timing in delay detonators