AP EXCEL DTH Down the Hole Detonators


DTH detonators are developed to provide accurate down the hole-delay in the blast. It consists of a shock tube of required length, with delay detonator and a suitable connector. In order to arrest the ingress of water, the connector end is sealed. The other end of the tube is crimped to a delay detonator with a suitable plug.



These are used for surface blasting, quarrying and long hole-blasting.



1. True bottom initiation is achieved
2. Ground vibration is controlled
3. Air blast noise is minimized
4. Good fragmentation
5. As the explosive shock wave is confined, there is no desensitization of explosives. This results in higher explosive efficiency.
6. Risk of accidental initiation due to stray current, static charges and radio frequency signals is ruled out.


Product Specification

Shell Material



No. 8

Shell Diameter


Shell length

(to be provided)

Length of Shock tube

2 m to 50 m or as per customer requirement/p>

Delay timings (ms)

200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450, 475

Quantity per case (nos.)

2-10m- 200nos
11-15m- 75 nos.

Packing material

Polythene bags