AP Instantaneous electric detonators (APED)


Instantaneous electric detonators comprise aluminium shells which are crimped with an electric fuse head soldered to a pair of GI wire having required PVC plug with APEL embossed on the plug for identification of the manufacturer. Each fuse head is checked for electrical characteristic like resistance that provides high reliable initiation of the explosives. The bare wires at the other end of the detonators are shorted with the body of the shell to arrest from initiation due to stray or static currents. After arranging instantaneous electric detonators in series, they are fired by means of blasting machines which gives adequate amount of energy required in the form of electrical impulse.



Instantaneous electric detonators are initiators which have a wide range of applications in open cast, quarrying and also non-gassy underground mines, construction sites etc.


Product Specification





Shell Material


Shell Length

43+/-0.2 mm

Base Charge


Primary Charge


Lead wire colour

white/white or as per customer requirement

Lead wire material

Tinner steel wire (steel wire- 25 swg)

Bare Wire

0.46+/-0.02 mm

Lead wire resistance

0.7 ohms/meter

Lead wire length

1.5 meters, 1.8 meters, 3 meters, 4 meters or as per requirement of the customer

Fuse head resistance

1.6 to 2.4 ohms

Firing impulse

3.2 milliwatt sec per ohm

Firing current

1.2amps Dc current, 0.8 amps DC for single

No fire current

0.18 amps applied for 300 seconds

Quantity per box

1500 or as per length of wire

Packing material

Fibre Board

Net weight

14.5 kgs

Gross weight

17.0 kgs

Case dimension

540x360x245 mm



Instantaneous Electric detonators are made into bundles of 25 numbers. Two such bundles are then wrapped in craft paper to make a packet of 50 detonators. Thirty such packets are placed in a corrugated fiberboard box. The quantity per box may vary depending on the length of the wire used.